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Blossom Time

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

lilac.jpgOne great thing about the place we live is the air quality. Lichens of all kinds cling to the trees. Those first days of spring when you can fill your lungs with this magnificent air are glory days. My next favorite phase of spring is blossom time. Right now the big pear tree in our yard is in full bloom, as is our sour cherry tree. The apples are well along, but aways from peak. And this evening on our after-supper walk, Franco and I discovered our first lilac blossom. Most of the flowers are tightly inside buds yet, and probably rightly so. But this brave soul opened up today. I responded by taking its picture, and putting my nose an inch from it. It smelled great. On our walk, I pulled a branch of apple blossoms toward me and took that in too.

We’ve had heavy winds the past few days, and the inevitable happened about 3:00 this morning: a tree fell on the power line in our fire department’s jurisdiction. When the pager went off I got up with what seems like pretty well practiced routine, and got out the door. This one was interesting. It was a smallish live aspen, and it didn’t break the powerline when it fell. It started drawing current when it touched the wire, but not enough to pop the circuit breaker. So it sat there for a couple of hours while we watched it, merrily burning a small fire. Our job is to stay there and direct traffic until the power company tells us we can go. It took them almost two hours to get there, so we stood around and talked. One of the firefighters lived right there, so he went inside his house and made us some coffee.