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June 21, 2010

Town Day

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Today we drove into town for our usual in-town-to-do-errands day. Franco was in his kennel, which I kind of hated to do because the deer and horse flies are getting bad. They seem to bother him, but he makes them pay. I’ve seen him catch several of them and chew and swallow them with a so-there look on his face.

First we dropped the car off to get the broken passenger side mirror fixed. Then to the Suomi Restaurant for breakfast and a good visit. I called Auto Pro from the breakfast table on the off chance they were done with the repair, and they were. So I drove Alice back up there and simplified the end of the day for her (otherwise the guys from Auto Pro would have had to drive down and pick her up.)

Once we went our separate ways, I did my errands, then swung around to Charlie Eshbach’s place to pick up some cedar lumber for the Estivant Pines. I loaded it up on the pickup, and went inside to find my red flag to tag the overhanging boards, only to find I’d left it home. So I improvised and tied one of my red shopping bags on. It worked great.

Once home I let Franco out and unloaded everything. It took a long while to get everything organized. After that I went to work on a FOLK project, which kept me going for most of the rest of the day. I felt like I was back at MTU, except minus the paycheck.

Franco and I did our after dinner walk. It started to rain just before we left, so I traded my sweatshirt for my rain jacket. By the 1 mile walk, we were both wet and ready to bag the last mile. It is still raining a nice gentle soaker as I write this.

Tomorrow I head up for the pines early. I’m taking Bill Leonard along. Bill in the new go-to guy for the MNA sanctuaries in the Western UP, replacing Charlie Eshbach. He asked me to show him the ropes in the Estivant Pines, and I figured there would be no better way than to have him help me carry lumber.

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