Good news to share on the home front. Tonight I put the last piece of firewood on the racks for 2012. The firewood project is done. I drove the Scout and trailer out to the woods this morning, and Franco and I spent several hours in the mud loading the trailer with what turned out to be the last load. Then we drove back home to commence cutting, only to learn we’d forgotten the chainsaw in the woods. No problem. We walked back out there, retrieved the saw, and headed back. After a bit of lunch and a short nap, we were back at it again.

This batch had quite a bit of smaller stuff which means there is less splitting. The 7th pile grew and was completed, and then the 8th and final pile was started. Alice came home from work just as I was processing the last logs on the trailer. She stacked while I cut and split. When it came to the last one, she took over the camera duties while I placed the last piece on the pile.

It is a tradition for me to photograph the placing of the last piece of firewood on the pile each year. This year I actually got a little choked up while I posed for the picture. After it was all over, I sat down, still dirty from the project, but relieved that we’d gotten it done once again.

To celebrate we got in the car and had dinner at the Feedmill in Tapiola, and then headed to the convenience store for ice cream. I’m feeling so good about things, I may even take a hot bath tonight!

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