Shining Eyes

Now that it is dark after supper, Franco and I have developed the habit of including a headlamp in our walking gear. He has one ear and one eyebrow up as we are eating, and watches us even more carefully as we clean up the kitchen after supper. As soon as I make a move for the headlamp, he is bouncing on his toes.

During walks on the longer days, I can easily keep track of him by sight alone. This time of year, however, I depend on the headlamp, and the fact that his eyes glow from a quite considerable distance. Not only can I see that he is looking at me, but I can tell he is running toward me because the illuminated eyes bounce up and down. If I’ve called him, I can say, “good boy” when I see the bouncing eyes.

Tonight on our walk we went east on our road. Our path crosses the big powerlines, and as is my habit, I swung my head south to shine my light down the cleared corridor of the powerlines. Four pairs of illuminated eyes stared back at me, and I knew none of them was Franco, because he was right beside me. Now you and I both know they were probably deer, but honestly, standing there armed with nothing but a leatherman, I felt a little concerned as I watched those unblinking shining eyes. I turned my head and we quickly resumed our walk. Franco never noticed the deer, one of which was probably less than 50′ away from me.

On the way back home, I couldn’t help but look down that same way along the powerlines. The four pairs were still there, hardly having moved. I don’t think either one of us intimidated the other, and that is just fine with me. They have some fattening up to do on the grass that will soon be disappearing under the snow, and I had my walk to finish. Franco was oblivious.

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