Cold and Wet

I’ve begun to gather Balsam Fir boughs for my wreath-making friends already this year. I say already, but it is, according to the calendar, November 10, and we start the fir gathering process around this time each year. The time has really gone by quickly this season. It seems like I’ve been, as my Dad says, “behind the 8 ball” all summer. Fall projects are still looming, although I am ticking them off.

Today was a wet day. We had about an hour of pretty hard rain. It drizzled on and off most of the rest of the day. I had to get out to the woods today to get a couple more bundles of fir, so Franco and I headed out, hoping the sky wouldn’t open up while we were out there. I guess we got lucky, because although it did rain, it wasn’t too hard.

We spent about an hour and a half out there, and hauled our bundles back home in the wheelbarrow. I pride myself on spending as few fossil fuels as possible on the collecting of these greens.

I was thinking while I was out there how unaccustomed we’ve become to working outside in rainy and cold weather. Today I learned, as I’ve learned many times in the past, that if you have adequate gear and use your head, you can be quite comfortable in this kind of weather. A good Carhart jacket, hat, chopper mitts, and good quality boots make the job go smoothly. It also helps to keep a fire going in the furnace. I’ve found as long as I keep moving out there, no matter how cold and wet it is, I stay relatively comfortable.

As I was walking along the road, the mail lady stopped on her rounds and rolled down her window. She started the conversation by commenting on the rotten weather. I didn’t agree with her, but answered in the spirit of friendliness in which her comment was intended. The warmth from the heater in her car reached me and I’ll admit it felt good. It felt even better when I got home with my load of fir, and threw a log on the fire in the kitchen wood stove.

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