Streaks of Light

Tonight after supper, Franco and I set out in the dark for our nightly walk as usual. There was only a dusting of snow when I came inside before supper, and when we came out an hour or so later, there was a couple of inches on the ground. And the sky was full of snow flakes.

Anyone that has driven in snow like tonight’s has noticed the way the snow flakes play in the headlights. You can get so interested in the beautiful arcs the flakes make as you rush toward them, that you can, if you’re not careful, forget you’re driving. Weather like tonight’s was designed for the passengers.

Without thinking about it, I turned my headlamp on at the start of the walk. There was so much snow around my head that I couldn’t see very far, so I started looking at the snow instead. I sort of unfocused my eyes towards the snowflakes, and some kind of magic happened. The flakes turned into streaks of light; sometimes rushing towards me, sometimes straight down, and sometime just hovering for a second. The wind was light and changing direction rapidly, making the show a swiftly changing one. And if I got bored for a while, all I had to do was turn my head to get a whole different perspective.

My favorite was when the flakes came straight down. I envisioned having long hair combed straight down my face, sides, and shoulders. I saw the inside of my hairdo, and it was carved with light.

I tried to take a couple of pictures, but couldn’t capture it. The flash froze (sic) the flakes in place, and I didn’t know how to increase the shutter speed. I probably wouldn’t have worked anyway unless the light from my headlamp would have been enough. I do wish I had a picture to share, because tonight’s walk was one of the best times I’ve had with snow in many years. If you’re lucky enough to live where it snows, get yourself a headlamp and walk outside in the dark during a snowstorm. The results might amaze you.

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