Fits Under The Rim!

We’ve recently decided to upgrade our toilet scrubber. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Oh yeah, they just had to have the newest color, so tossed a perfectly good scrubber in order to buy this one.” Quite the contrary. If it is possible to wear out a toilet scrubber, then this is the household for the job.

Alice brought home the replacement, and sat it on the windowsill in the bathroom so it would get my attention. You see, it is my job to cut the bottom out of a empty vinegar or bleach jug to use as the container for the scrubber.

The first time I saw the box sitting there, I laughed out loud, and have chuckled or smiled almost every time I’ve seen it since then. What got me tickled was the little yellow flag near the bottom of the box that exclaims, “Fits under the rim!” Wow, really! Now that is something to get excited about! And what a cheerful font!

I pictured a person coming home from work tired, and their partner asking how their day went. “We finally settled on the wording on the toilet scrubber box, but can’t seem to agree on the font.” I pictured a conference room where the contenders for just the right font were forcefully arguing their positions. Next I pictured a shopper pushing a cart through the isles, and coming across the wonderful choices available utilizing the latest toilet scrubber technology. As they scanned their choices, their eye was drawn to the lower left corner, and the words, “Fits under the rim!” leaped out at them. “You know, I do have trouble reaching under that pesky rim,” was the thought. The box made it into the cart, as it was doing all across the nation, and promotions were being considered for the choosers of the correct wording and font.

Now the competitors are starting to notice. “Our scrubber reaches under the rim just as well as theirs does, so why should they be outselling us?” Perhaps a bigger flag will show up on that box. Perhaps a more radical future design of their scrubber will have a bulge that perfectly meshes with the rim barrier, making the inner rim of these wise consumers the envy of the neighborhood. And so the toilet rim scrubber wars will go. Parry, thrust, until the ultimate rim scrubbers will be in every bathroom. Just think about it. In a few years, we’ll all wonder how we ever got by with our old ones, and how much richer our lives are now that our rims are spotless.

I’d like to stay and chat, but I’ve got a rim to scrub.

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