First Day

November 15 is the first day of rifle deer season in our neighborhood. Franco and I still have to get out into the woods to get our fir harvesting done for the wreaths. While we have our property posted for no hunting, it is not unheard of for folks to stray. There are stories about dogs that are shot if found “running deer” or being mistaken for a deer. So we decked ourselves out and hope for the best.

The picture shows some of the equipment I use to make my fir bundles. I chop down the fir tree with my bow saw, and then lop off the branches with a hatchet I carry in my belt. Once the branches are on the ground, I use my clippers to remove the correct sized boughs from the larger branches. These I drop into my yellow wheelbarrow, which I’ve outfitted with two lengths of binder twine. Once the barrow is full, I use the twine to tie up the bundles. I usually do two bundles per day, which is about all I can comfortably haul out of the woods in my wheelbarrow. Things are heating up in the world of Christmas wreath-making, so I have to be sure I get out there every day so I don’t get behind. The wreath buying public is depending on me, and I don’t intend to let them down.

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