The Hookaroon Verdict

Yesterday on our trip to town, we made a special trip to Calumet (about 20 extra miles) to buy a new tool called a hookaroon as discussed in yesterday’s post. Today I finished cutting, splitting, and stacking what was left on the trailer, and this afternoon braved the heat to go out and get another trailer load from the woods.

Before I reveal the hookaroon verdict, don’t you agree with me that it would make a great title for a mystery novel? It has everything. The word hookaroon is not a common word, so it can invoke pirates (think doubloons,) prostitutes (think hookers,) the legal profession, and on and on. I may need your help. When (not if) someone steals this title for their book, I may need you to testify on my behalf that you did indeed read it here on July 27, 2010 🙂

hook.jpgWhat is the verdict? The hookaroon worked great, as soon as I got the hang of it, which didn’t take too long. I was able to move some very heavy logs onto the forks of the dozer without bending over so much. As you probably know, lifting bent over can hurt your back. With the hooker, I could stab the log and pull on it. I didn’t need to expend energy holding onto the log either. The only downside I saw was having the pick come out while I was pulling backwards. I sat down pretty hard a couple of times. I even used it as a cant hook a couple of times. All in all, a great tool for anyone moving heavy logs around.

Alice and I walked Franco and our neighbor’s dog Rusty this morning. There was lots of activity today; probably a month’s worth for our seldom traveled road. There were trucks and equipment here removing trees from along the REA powerlines. We walked the dogs past the activity and up to the cemetery near the blacktop. As usual Franco was racing around experiencing the environment with his nose. He ran around the buildings at the cemetery as he often does, and then suddenly there was an explosion of clucking and birds! He had stumbled into a clutch of wild turkey females. One flew directly over my head and I was able to see the wild expression in her eye. It appeared to me no harm was done except for some expended turkey adrenalin. Franco, on the other hand, looked pretty pleased with himself.

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