Snow Makes it Harder

Don’t get me wrong. I do like the snow. The beautiful snow is half the reason why we like living here. But snow does make things harder. The wheelbarrow has to work harder to get through snow. When there is snow, it is usually cold, which means clumsy mittens. And when you drop something small, you can just about forget about finding it, unless you happen to see the divot and can locate it thus. You can’t deny that the snow is beautiful:

We had a pretty big storm last night. During the day the temp was in the 50s, and there was no snow anywhere. This morning there was a good 6″ on the ground, with a slush layer holding it up. Still, I had an obligation to get outside and get some fir boughs gathered, so I headed out. After about 2 hours, we were looking for the inspiration to call it a day. When the second bundle was big enough, we looked at each other, trussed up the bundles and tools, and headed home… dog and man, with a wheelbarrow full of icy fir.

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