Yesterday was a milestone of sorts. There are many ways to measure your milestones, and yesterday’s was measured in number of feet per roll of binder twine.

We use binder twine (traditionally used to bind bales of straw or hay together) for two main things around the farm. In the summer, it is the all purpose garden rope. Our climbing beans use it, as to the tomato cages when they try to fall over. In the winter, I use it to bind up the bundles of fir boughs I make for the local wreath maker. I’m struck by how much my fir bundles resemble bales of hay when I pick them up by their twine straps.

Well, yesterday I used up an entire role of binder twine. The replacement role happened to have its label still intact, and my eye was drawn to the length… 2,250 feet of twine in this roll. I guess I felt a sense of pride upon reading that. Nearly 1/2 mile is a lot of fir bough bundles, and lots and lots of climbing green beans. Now that I’ve chronicled the opening of the current roll of twine on 11/25/2012, I wonder what the date and time will be when this one sees the last foot spool off the end.

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