Nice Walk

This morning we walked the dogs as usual before breakfast. On our way down the Autio road, Randy Kuester’s dog ran out, and Randy, still in his bath robe, ran out after him. Randy drives long distance trucks, and was home for about a week after 54 days on the road. We said our hellos after getting the dogs sorted out, and continued on our way down the road. On our way back, we saw something on the road, so quickly put Franco back on his leash. It soon became clear the something was Randy, dressed for the day, and coming down the road to walk with us for a spell. He walked into the neighbor’s driveway so we could put their dog away, then down to our house and out to the dock for a short tour. Alice went back inside, but I decided to walk Randy home, so Franco and I got about 4 miles this morning.

Now Randy is as conservative as I am liberal, but we both really like each other. We can also talk politics and do find ourselves agreeing now and then. I’ve always felt that real friends can be different in major respects, and still be friends if they can agree to disagree amicably.

I didn’t get home from the walk until 10:30, so had a late breakfast. I skipped lunch, and spent the afternoon on the woodpile cutting, splitting, and stacking once again. I have everything except about 9 big logs off the trailer, and anticipate they will just about fill the space under the eaves of the garage. After that I have about 3 full cords to go… a cakewalk.

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