MNA Hike

I did something today I seldom ever do… I visited a Michigan Nature Association (MNA) sanctuary, and didn’t do any work. I realized how weird it felt to have someone else leading the hike, and for me to just walk and enjoy myself.

mnahikeThis sanctuary had a nice stand of old growth hemlocks, which I’ve learned is good winter habitat for deer. So when we came upon a place where deer had obviously bedded down recently (because the snow was melted in a deer shape) I decided to try it out. I will tell you the deer really know how to choose a place to sleep. I lay down in one of the deer sized ovals, and it was as comfortable as a bed. I pretty firmly believe that I could have fallen asleep if I’d tried.

mnahike1We hiked around under the expert guidance of Adrienne Bozic of the MNA. We learned about the mix of tree species in the sanctuary, the critters leaving their marks in the snow, and other interesting aspects of the area. And I met some very nice people who were respectful of the place, yet curious enough to keep the hike intellectually lively. If you aren’t a member of the MNA, you should look into it. And if a guided hike happens to be in your area, you should take advantage of it. You might just stumble onto one of the gems like I did today.

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