Chipmunk Cemetery

chipmonkWe plant our garlic in the fall before the ground freezes. Garlic is a tough little plant. It comes up early in the spring as a cheerful green sprig in a world that is still largely brown. It it wasn’t tough, it would freeze back many times over the course of the spring, but it takes all the cold that spring tosses its way, and keeps growing. Sometimes the deer nibble on it, but usually only a plant or two, and even those plants seem to recover.

When we plant the garlic, we take some thin-split kindling sticks and place them in the ground every 4 bulbs or so. That way in the spring we can rototill if we need to before the little guys come up.

This winter has had less than usual snow, and the temperature is higher than normal, which has exposed the garlic patch when it is usually under it’s white winter blanket. Alice and I both commented that the rows of little sticks look like a chipmunk cemetery. What to you think?

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