Alice and I just sat on the couch and read our Christmas cards together. This is the first year we’ve done this, and I hope we can continue the tradition. It was great fun to read about our far-flung friends and their adventures. We didn’t get our Christmas letters mailed until today. We sent out about 130 this year, printed on our new color laser printer.

We also had some friends over today to get their tree. We’ve been getting together with them for years, and enjoy it a great deal.

It is a good time of the year to reflect on the connections we’ve established over the years. Some tenuous threads, and some heavy cables, but all important and worth maintaining. Ken Burns called our national parks, “America’s best idea.” I would add that Christmas is mankind’s best idea. To have a season of the year where blessings are counted, friendships renewed, gifts given and received, and the celebration of the lengthening of daylight hours, is a good thing. If only we could come up with some decent music to go along with the celebration 🙂 (I am a Christmas music curmudgeon.)

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