Stomach Flu

One of the nice things about the intestinal flu, is your awareness of and appreciation for your GI track is enhanced. The various pains and gurgles force one to remember the anatomy lessons you’ve largely forgotten; “Oh yes, that must be my small intestine acting up right now!”

Another insight has to do with one’s relative pep. I see the most humanity when I do my weekly errands, and can’t help but think when I see other folks things like, “if they’d only work out some more, they’d have a little more pep.” It is easy to be sanctimonious about such things until your personal pep vanishes into a puff of smoke. “Oh, that must be how it feels,” I found myself saying.

Alice and I do most things together, and this stomach flu was almost an olympic synchronized event. She has been about a day ahead of me throughout, so I can kind of see what is coming down for the road for me. We’re both up to a couple of small meals a day now, and can foresee the time when food will actually start to look good to us again. Meanwhile it is poached eggs and toast, potatoes, rice, and not much else. Even my beloved iced tea has been back burnered these past few days. I try to listen to the wisdom of my body and not rush the eating thing too much. The consequences of failure are high.

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