Frozen Twigs

Yesterday, I was walking with Franco along the powerlines that cross our property. The company running these high capacity lines is widening the right-of-way in order to replace the aging wooden towers with new steel ones. Their crews have been in the neighborhood for the past week or so, and I wanted to see how they were progressing. As we were walking along, thinking nothing of it, I stepped over some small cherry branches they had cut. The trigs of these branches had gotten into some water after they were cut, and were frozen to the earth. One of my boots got tangled up in this twig mess. My other foot came forward quickly to compensate, and it also got stuck. Down I went.

It was one of those times that everything happens so quickly that you can only try to remember what happened. My mittened hands came forward and when I hit the ground with them, I said, “ungh!” I’d say that my knees and hands hit pretty much simultaneously. I quickly got up and did a quick system check. Nothing seemed amiss, and I continued the walk. The first thoughts I remembered were about how my arms caught my body so effectively. Had my knees have had to absorb most of the fall, I think I may not have gotten up so gingerly. I remember thinking, “lucky you do all those pushups.”

Each morning when it is time to do the exercises, I have a mental battle with myself. Most days I win the battle (how can I lose when the battle is with myself?) and do the exercises. What I don’t get very much of during the active part of my day is positive reinforcement for the exercising. Yesterday, I got some, and I strongly recommend exercise to anyone that is not bed-bound. If you walk, the chances are good that one day you’ll fall. And the better shape you are in when it happens, the more likely it is you’ll get up, dust yourself off, and continue your journey.

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