January Fog

I recently heard that 2012 was the warmest year on record in the US. Our weather has been kind of goofy this winter. We had one big snow that caused us to polish up our plows and attack the banks. We did this with the seasoned sense of the inevitable… more would be coming, that much was for sure.

Except it hasn’t really come. We’ve gotten very little snow since then. The snow removal equipment has been sitting idle, and what little snow we’ve had on the ground has barely held its own compared to the little that has fallen out of the sky. It has been in the 40s for the past several days, and tonight on our after-supper walk, it was foggy! In January!

It was neat to watch the play of the light from the headlamp. Sometimes during heavy snow storms, the car lights can cause a hypnotic dance of the snowflakes… one which the driver must not indulge in, I’ve found. It can get so interesting that the demands of the road might not be met. But with the headlamp, you can get away with it. I found the distance at which the fog swallowed the entire light beam, and the closer distance in which I could see the trees. If I looked up close, I could see brightly lit water droplets moving and waving about in an interesting dance.

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