Lifting Heavy Things

The other night we were ready for bed and winding down, when I said, “I know how I’m going to load those forks.” From across the room, Alice lowered her book and looked at me with a well practiced indulgent expression and said, “What?!”

“The forks for the Dozer,” I said. “I know how I’m going to load them onto the trailer; I’ve just had an idea.” Even from across the room, I could see her eyes roll back in her head. I said a few more words, and we both returned to our reading.

You see, I had taken the dozer out to the woods a week ago in order to skid the logs out and haul them home so I could work on cutting and splitting as time allowed this winter. The problem was when I took the dozer out, I forgot to put the forks on the bucket. I need the forks in order to lift the logs onto the trailer. I’d devised one way I might be able to get the forks onto the trailer. It involved trying to use the come-along to jack the forks up there, and then chaining them down. It seemed like a bad idea considering the forks weigh more than 200#, but it was the best I could come up with.

forksMy new idea was to wrap a chain around the forks, and drag them into the garage behind the Scout. Then I’d bring my crane around, and pick the forks up with the chainfall. Then I could easily move the forks out of the way, back the Scout out, hook it up to the trailer, back the trailer into the garage and lower the forks onto the trailer.

This was a WAY better idea than the come-along one, and by golly, it worked just the way I figured it would. The forks are now firmly chained down onto the back of the trailer. Assuming I can drive out to the woods without them falling off, I should be able to snatch them off the trailer with the dozer and get back to work.

Why not just drive the dozer back from the woods and carry the forks back out there on the bucket? I did give that idea some thought, but hated the thought of driving the dozer all the way back home for nothing. So this is what I came up with, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Unfortunately, it stayed cold today contrary to the predictions, so I just parked the Scout and hope to take advantage of warmer weather tomorrow to get the job going again.

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