Winter Work

It has been cold and snowy here. So cold that it is almost useless to try to do much outside. Even starting the plow vehicle, you can hear the lubricating fluids inside the vehicle sounding like tar or bread dough… not doing much lubricating, but just kind of batting around in there. This surely is the time of year that is hardest on the vehicles, at least until they warm up.

It has made me think about the efforts to use the arctic regions for mineral exploration and oilfield development. I imagine the folks that work up there are somewhat younger and in better condition than I am, but still it must be a rough life working so far north in much colder conditions than the ones we’re experiencing. As I’m fond of saying, “everything is harder in this weather.” And when you are doing work that is dangerous for the environment, accidents can be catastrophic. Perhaps it is time for us to rethink the breakneck speed we’re developing the resources of our planet. Maybe we need to take a deep breath, make some serious efforts to reduce our population, and reduce our rate of consumption. Before it is too late.

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