We had a fairly warm and snowless winter until a few weeks ago. I think the deer had it pretty good in December. Often I see evidence of the deer moving snow aside on our lawn so they can graze after the first few snowfalls. This year the snow, when it finally came, was so fast and furious that the deer seemed overwhelmed by it.

Franco and I see deer pretty much every day. He, of course, sees and/or smells them way before I do, and sometimes takes of running for them. He is very good about coming when I call him, so I sometimes let him go for a while. If I don’t happen to notice him run off, he can be gone for some time while I’m calling because it just takes him that much longer to come back. He seems to lack any internal sense that he is getting too far away and should probably return home by himself.

The deer we see still seem to be in pretty good shape. Especially in this cold weather, their fur seems puffed up like the chickadees’ feathers are. We had one in the front yard the other day trying to get at one of our planted cedar trees through the wire cage that surrounds it. While the deer could probably bend the cage over and eat her fill, she instead delicately put her mouth between the wires and nibbled on the branches she could get to. We could tell she was getting something because we could see the tree move.

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  1. Patty says:

    Very good story about deer, Ted!!!

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