Built-in Snow Receptor

Alice and I had a very nice dinner at the Feedmill Restaurant in Tapiola last night. We walked out of there stuffed and happy, such that I forgot to put my hat on as we walked to the car. I observed an unanticipated use for my bald head; that of a snow receptor. Not only could I tell it was snowing by the impacts on my un-buffered scalp, but I could tell how hard and what type of snow. I don’t remember dwelling in my data collecting mode for long, partly because our car was close, and partly because I stuck my hat on because my head was cold.

I got to thinking that possibly other artifacts of old age might also be there for a reason. Sore joints, dry skin, leaky bladder, grumpy demeanor, laziness, loss of taste, etc. etc. All must be there for an evolutionary reason, and I intend to look at these things not as limiting, but as empowering. As my old age arsenal is enhanced, I may become one of the most sensory humans alive. I’ll check into it if I feel like it, when I get up from my nap.

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  1. Pat (Sak) Luoma says:

    I was on facebook last night and put in the name Alice Ravi Soldan and I got your website. I went to high school with a girl named Alice Faye Ravi = she was my best friend – she was born with only one hand – I believe it was her left hand. I have lost contact throughout the years with her – last time I knew she was teaching at I believe Stanford in California. Could she be the same Alice Ravi I knew in high school. I would appreciate it if you could let me know, or if it is, give her my email address so we can get in contact with each other again.

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