Mitten Sittin’

frontporchIt is a beautiful winter day. The temperature is about 25, and we had a nice snow overnight that smoothed out the edges again. What started out as a disappointing December snowfall has come right back on track in January and February.

Franco and I were out this morning doing some chores, including carrying some armloads of wood from the woodshed over to the wood storage rack inside the front porch. After a few trips, I was warm from exerting myself, and decided to sit on the porch for a spell. This is easier in the summer when there is no snow on the porch, but I solved the problem by taking off my choppers, placing them on the porch, and sitting on them.

Franco was delighted and happily brought me his latest stick for some fetch fun. The picture at the beginning of this article was taken from the porch. I was reminded while I was sitting there about the story of Alice’s grandfather, who had this house built in the 1920s. His hips gave out on him, and he used to spend a lot of his time in his later years sitting on the porch and looking out at the view. I remember wondering how someone could just sit like that for hours at a time. As the years go by, I’m starting to get the idea.

So many of us fight the weather because it becomes an impediment to what we want to do. Icy winter roads are hazardous, and no mistake about it. It isn’t as fun to be outside when you have to dress for cold weather to be sure. But I’d like to suggest it is possible to get past all that and enjoy the weather for what it is. The closer I get to that realization, the more I enjoy all the seasons.

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