Forgive Us Henne, We Doubted Ye

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is probably no polite way to say this. Our cat Henne on occasion has some aromatic poos. After scratching around in her litter box, she looks quite unabashed about it too, as she struts around with wafts of poison mustard gas surrounding her. This habit of hers goes in spurts (pardon the expression,) such that we never know when it might strike.

Last night I awoke to a terrible smell, and immediately blamed her through the fog of half-sleep. I dozed back off, and some time later when I awoke for the day, Alice and I exchanged opinions that a cat accident must have occurred during the night. I got up and walked around sniffing for evidence. I even parked my nose near her litter box and inhaled. The evidence was inconclusive. Then I began to suspect the dog, and went downstairs. Again there was nothing conclusive.

While I was down there, I put Franco on the porch, and received a larger dose of the odor. The first skunk of spring had made his/her presence known. This is a big day, because it means the maple trees will be waking up soon, and all the work that will entail. I found Henne upstairs, scratched her ears, and told her I was sorry I’d doubted her. She gave me the cat look that said, “why I continue to put up with these humans I’ll never know.”

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