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June 25, 2010

Nice Rain, but still had to water

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Today was cloudy with intermittent rain all afternoon. The outside garden is not requiring any watering at all, which is different for us during the normal dry month of June. The inside (greenhouse) garden is another story. I’ve often thought it would be neat to have a greenhouse with a retractable roof similar to those in sports stadiums. That way you could close things up at night or on cool days to keep the p6252716.JPGheat in, but on the rainy days open up the roof and let the rain pour in. If such a greenhouse exists, I’m sure it is outside our price range, so we’ll continue watering.

The greenhouse tomatoes are doing very well this year. We planted several Brandywine plants this year, which is a new variety for us. We’ve been told they taste very good, and that is enough for us to want to try them. For the past several years we’ve gotten enough tomatoes to freeze and some to dry as well. These go well in our salads such that we seldom purchase tomatoes from the produce section of the grocery anymore.

I hope to launch the new dock in the front pond soon. Its job will be to give me a platform for dipping water from the pond to water in the greenhouse. I’m short some pipe, so will have to make a trip to the hardware for another chunk. It will be nice to stop eroding the side of the hill that I walk every other day to dip my water buckets.

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