Lb. Lard Per 1,000 Pasties

This year I once again volunteered with Little Brothers for their pasty fundraiser. Last year I was involved during the day these delectable dishes were baked, but this year, I participated in the prep phase. We chopped up onions, carrots, rutabaga, peeled and stored potatoes in large water barrels, and made the dough.

Most of the cooking I’ve done in my life has been on a home/family scale. Prepping to make 1,000 pasties is food on an industrial scale, at least compared to what I’m used to. Alice and I do like our butter, but we are very stingy with it due to our constant efforts to keep extra pounds off. So when I walked into the VFW hall where we did the prep work this morning, I was surprised when greeted with this countertop full of lard:

lardAs we were sorting out who would do what job, I fell to the unwrapping job. My partner popped the lard out of their cardboard boxes and slid them to me. I unwrapped them and stacked 4 per pile in preparation of adding to the dough mixing machine. I noticed the skin on my hand, which is winter-chapped, reacted quite favorably to the lard treatment. Perhaps a product suggested itself, “Uncle Ted’s Winter Lard Hand Treatment.”

As we were working through the lard, the dough expert came in and started mixing the first batch to go into the big mixing machine. I watched him work as I continued larding my hands. Then he started verbalizing the ingredients, “3 cans of flour, a handful of salt, 4# of lard…”

“I wonder who he’s talking to,” I thought.

It turned out he was talking to me, because after he’d mixed a couple of batches he said, “Now you do it.” He watched me mix the next few batches, then walked away and left me to the job. Several hours later, I added the last 4# of lard to the mixer, and the dough for tomorrow’s baking was done.

We worked from 6:00 AM until just after noon. Working with other volunteers on a worthwhile project is one of the best things I do.

2 Responses to “Lb. Lard Per 1,000 Pasties”

  1. Mel says:

    That’s really cool. He noticed you taking an interest, taught you how to do it, then trusted you with the remainder – all without excessive banter. 🙂 Sounds very much like how I learned a lot of things from my Dad!

    Now, not only do you have a new product for winter chapped hands (I’d like to make a purchase, Uncle Ted!), but you’re the new pasty crust Expert.

    I hate to use lotion on my hands/face during the winter, because it makes them moist – then the moisture makes them cold. I’ll break down for a day or two at a time when the skin threatens to split. Smooth skin isn’t exactly my forte.

  2. Patty says:

    Wow, do I love this story!! It reminded me that when we give of our time and energy we get so much sent right back to us! Hence, the soft hands treatment! I always feel that our angels love it when we give of ourselves and hover especially close to us during those times!

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