New Life

talltomatoLast summer on one of my watering trips in the greenhouse, I found myself looking UP at one of the tomato plants. I’m a pretty tall guy, and am not used to having to crane my neck to see the tops of these plants. Our tomato crop last year was spectacular by our standards. We ate, froze, and dried a lot. We’re still using the dried ones in our salads, and both like them better than the produce section ones available this time of year.

We’ve been raising our own tomato plants for years now. Usually in early March, I get the plastic bins out, fill them with starting soil, and use my excellent near vision to put one tiny seed in each cubicle. For some reason, I had trouble getting my act together this year to get them going, and waited until last week. Of course, once they are planted, I look inside the tray every day to see if the first little plant has broken the soil.

tomatoJust yesterday, our first one said hello. Now when we look inside, there are often one or two new ones joining their siblings. It is a wonderful time of the year. The new seeds coming up, and the maple trees waking up gives us a jump on spring that others may fail to notice. Notice we have, and enjoying the transition we are.

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