I Hear You Guys Are Getting Snow

snow1A buddy of mine from the Detroit area sent me an email saying that he heard we were getting some snow. Oh my goodness yes! Another storm came through yesterday and today leaving several more inches of the wet stuff. When I walked out to the maple orchard this morning, many of the bucket lids were askew from the wind, and lots of snow had infiltrated those buckets. I carefully removed as much snow as I could from these buckets, replaced the lids, and put several handfuls of snow on the lids to hold them down.

Interestingly, the trees are continuing to run, even in this blustery snowy weather. One of the trees near the boiling shack had an icicle about 2 inches long on it, with drips coming off the end. That is a tree with heart!

mittensAt the back of the shack, I’ve hung a used piece of sheet metal behind the stovepipe, because the wall studs directly behind the stovepipe were getting very hot during prolonged boils. The sheet metal deflects the heat up and away from the flammable studs, and gives me a place to hang my wet mittens. When I came in from a project and saw them there, I took a picture because I thought they looked interesting.

With about 3 feet of snow still on the ground and more falling, I’m hoping for a prolonged syrup season this year.

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