Deer Are Supposed To Run Away

Franco and I do a lot of walking on our road. He gets a walk every evening after supper, and we make a trip or two each day out to the sugar bush. Our travels take us past the big power lines on our property. The power company is doing some clearing out there, and have left some of the green branches on the ground. The deer in our neighborhood are having a tough spring because of all the snow. Normally this time of year they would be eating fresh green grass, but it is still buried under a lot of snow. So they have been congregating along the power lines, and pawing around to try to get at some of the tree greens that have been overlooked.

Franco is an exuberant deer chaser. I can let him run because he always comes when I call him. The deer are in no danger, since they can see him early enough to be long gone by the time he gets to them. The sight of all those luxurious white tails waiving good-bye to him fills his heart with lust. I don’t think he’s ever given any idea to what he’d actually do with one if he caught it, that is until the other day.

We were walking along the road as usual, and a deer was coming down the road towards us. Franko was ahead of me, and saw the deer first. He froze with interest. I continued walking and the deer then saw me, but not Franco. It decided that it didn’t need to hurry to reach the safety of the power lines ahead of me, so it sort of trotted towards me getting ready to make a left turn. Franco put on a burst of speed and got to the turning off point before the deer did. Franco immediately determined that deer are pretty big creatures, and that the one coming closer to him lacked that fluffy white tail. The tracks in the mud and snow told the story when I got there. Franco hit the brakes and barked/growled at the deer. The deer jumped about 3 feet sideways to avoid Franco, and made some pretty astounding leaps along the power lines to get away.

I looked at Franco and he looked at me. Clearly a lesson of some sort was learned from that 1 second encounter. As near as I could tell, part of the lesson was, deer are more fun when they run away.

2 Responses to “Deer Are Supposed To Run Away”

  1. Mel says:

    I don’t know what Daisy would do if she encountered a deer on the same side of the walls as her. The only ones she has seen were in my parents’ yard while she was inside… and boy did she growl. I suspect the big, tough chicken-wuss would cower behind my knees. 🙂

  2. admin0 says:

    Maybe when you visit a deer will wave her alluring tail at her. It would be fun to watch.

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