Find The Doggie

frank1Franko and I have settled into our maple syrup routine. I throw sticks for him when he delivers them to me, as long as I’m not too busy. When he gets tired of chasing sticks, he finds a nice place to lay down and watches me.

frank2Franco is very well camouflaged, and sometimes when he lays down, it is very hard to see him. I’ve often wondered if he consciously looks for a place to lay down so he will disappear into the background.

frank3Often when I’m gathering sap, he’ll walk with me for a while. He knows the route as well as I do by now, so he’ll sometimes lay down and wait for me to come to him. Franco has been known to run off on occasion, so when I don’t see him, I’ll often call him. And he’ll pop up right next to me and give me the look that says, “are you blind? I’m right here!” Yes, I’d say compared to him I probably am blind.

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