The End is Nigh

I pulled about half my taps, buckets, and covers yesterday. As I made the rounds, if the tree wasn’t producing, out came the tap. Today when I made the rounds to the trees that were still tapped, I gathered, but none of the trees produced more than a cup full, so I’ll pull the rest of the taps tomorrow. The storage barrel is empty, and I have about 5 gallons in a pail to process yet.

This time of year is tricky, because I can no longer dilute the syrup in the evaporator with raw sap. So I build small fires and try to keep things warm enough to steam away the last of the moisture without burning. I’ll empty the evaporator when I get it down as far as I dare, bring it inside, and finish it on the wood stove.

It looks like a good year. Things can still go wrong, of course, but all-in-all, I’ve worked hard and made some syrup. And who could ask for more?

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