Hope The Table Legs Hold

syrupIt has been a few days now since I canned the last bottle of 2013 syrup. With Alice’s help, I hauled all the syrup off the shelf in the basement and lined it up for a picture. We got just a hair under 12 gallons this year. It would have been a record year if I hadn’t burned my first batch. (See http://tedsoldan.com/?p=1225)

firewoodThere is still work to be done. The evaporator needs to be cleaned as do all the buckets, taps, covers, and storage barrel. I plan to let things dry up a bit before I drive the Scout out there with enough water to do the washing up. Then there is the firewood to me made for next year’s season. I started this season with what I thought was a lot of firewood, and as you can see, it pretty much dissolved over the course of the season. I have lots of balsam fir poles from the fir gathering last winter, and will be generating slabs from the sawmill throughout the summer, so we should be in good shape.

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