Dancing Alice

Alice was dancing around the house this afternoon.

We *use* our house. We’re in and out a lot, often having accomplished something not particularly clean. We have a large dog who frequently attaches himself to unwholesome particles which swish off him as he comes through the door. Grime has built up on both our outside doors over the years. At least once a year at spring cleaning time we attempt to get the stains out, but usually give up after poor results.

Enter Steve and John. We learned from them about a product called MR CLEAN MAGIC ERASER. They seemed so enthused about it that we bought one, although we, being trained as scientists, are pretty skeptical about things being magic. Alice decided on one last try to get the doors clean before we resort to painting them.

She got out the magic eraser, and her jaw dropped. She asked me to stop what I was doing several times and take a look at how the doors were coming. She was so happy about the job it was doing, she was dancing! I have to admit if a product deserves the name, “magic,” then this is the one.

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