Skunk Patrol

skunk1On our walk this afternoon, Franco and I headed up the hill toward the cemetery. We noticed some serious erosion along the road as a result of the rain we’ve gotten the past couple of days.

When we get to the cemetery, Franco is often busy with his nose as I head to the end where Renee Michaelson is buried. I try to stop and pay my respects whenever I’m in the neighborhood. I got most of the way to the grave when I encountered these little guys just off the cemetery driveway.

skunk2Yes, they are absolutely cute, and in retrospect, I wish I’d have stayed around and taken some more pictures. I got to thinking about bear mothers not liking anyone messing with their young, and figured it was likely that skunk mothers might feel the same way if they encountered a guy and his big dog messing around. So we walked away (quite briskly!) It was over so quickly that I don’t think Franco was even aware of the small interesting creatures that were so close to him, and I’d say that may have been a blessing.

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  1. Paulette says:

    Thanks for sharing your outdoor walk!

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