Our First Burp

One of the great things about our lifestyle is the positive feedback we get. Sowing a row of seeds usually results in a thin shy patch of green plants coming up after a week or so. We both delight in being the first to see this event, and usually grab the other one to come and see it.

It is now strawberry season in our neighborhood, and we are lucky to have some reputable growers nearby that produce and sell some very good fruit. We both strongly believe in local food, and in supporting anyone stupid enough to want to grow and sell it (stupid because it is a LOT of work.)

We were afraid we’d missed the boat with the strawberries last week. We were coming back from working at the pines, and actually drove past a couple of stands selling strawberries. When we pulled up to the place near home where we like to get them, we learned they were sold out for the day. We had a stop to make at the store in Tapiola anyway, and were lucky to see a young person selling strawberries in front of the store. So we bought 4 quarts.

With most of the berries (about 2 1/2 quarts,) I started a gallon batch of strawberry wine. The first day, all the ingredients are added, including a crushed tablet that kills off any yeast that might have come in with the fruit. The yeast killer only lasts for 24 hours, so a day later (last night) I added the yeast, stirred, and put the lid and bubbler back on.

This morning, I slid the primary fermenter across the counter, and sniffed the top of the bubbler. The first day or so the wine usually smells like very sweet juice. As I was sniffing it, Alice came down, and I told her it looked like the batch was starting to work. We both happened to be looking at it, when a bubble came out. Our first burp!

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