My Mom is 87 years old. She looks great and is still very engaged in her world. I visited recently and we all went out to eat at one of the local buffets in Lansing, Michigan. The young woman at the counter and I worked through the details of the transaction for that night’s supper. When we were finished, she looked up at my Mom and complimented her on her earrings.

“You like them?” Mom asked her.

“Yes I really do.”

Mom took one of them off. They were the clip on kinds, not the kinds that stick through a hole in your ear lobe. I think the clerk thought she was going to show her what the earring looked like up close. Then she took the other one off, and handed them to her.

“They’re yours,” she said.

The look on this young woman’s face was priceless. Her jaw dropped and she quickly put them on. They also looked very nice on her. It may have been partly because of the million dollar smile she was flashing at my Mom. By that point, we were all smiling, though. Mom because she had done such a nice thing, the clerk because of the wonderful unexpected gift, and me because I was so proud of Mom.

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