Otter Lake, Otter River, Otter Pond

otter1I was a little low on pep this morning. After breakfast Franco and I walked outside to open the greenhouse, spin the compost drum, and take stock of the situation. My glasses fogged nicely when I opened the doors of the greenhouse. All looked well. I did the internal debate of whether I should water today, tomorrow, or what. I really didn’t feel like hauling the buckets around this morning.

wateringdock“How about doing just one load of two buckets,” I asked myself. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. The questioning half of my brain knows it is scamming, and the questioned half knows it is being scammed. This morning I scammed myself and walked down to fill up the buckets on the watering dock.

otter2When I got close, 5 mammals lifted their heads and contemplated the other. I saw 4 otters swimming in the pond just off the edge of the dock. They were watching Franco and me with obvious curiosity, as I was watching them. (Franco was watching his stick.) Trying not to spook them, I got the camera out and started snapping pictures. Things seemed cool enough that I actually got to stand on the dock and watch them. There were two adults and two large pups, I think. The adults coughed at me, and I coughed back at them. Finally they got bored with me and swam to the other side of the pond, where they either had their den, or where they got out of the water and walked across the field to the other pond.

I often think about the honors I’ve received in my life… probably more than I deserve. But when a chickadee lands on my gloved hand, or I have a chance to interact with some otters, I think I’ve just received the greatest honor of all.

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