Another Perk for Bucket Hauling

Today it was once again time to water the greenhouse garden with buckets from the pond. I usually start slowly with these projects. I chuckle at myself as part of my mind is madly calculating other more pressing projects and arguing for a postponement, while another part of my mind says, “Just suck it up and get this done!”

So I sucked it up and started hauling buckets. I was early in the project when I saw a strange bird, and heard a very familiar call. We’ve had Kingfishers nesting around the ponds for years, but lately we haven’t been so lucky. I heard some this spring, but almost nothing all summer… until today. A pair flew into view as I stood on the watering dock and watched. One of the pair in particular flew very close to me, such that I could see every detail of its plumage outlined in bright sunlight.

The pair were obviously very interested in each other and called back and forth as they shifted positions from one tree to the next. By the time I was able to get my camera out, the event was over. But is was another one I’ll remember for a good long time.

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