Firewood 2010

lastone.jpgToday we put the last piece of firewood on the racks for this year. It has been a long process this year, with about 5 full cords (15 singles) cut, hauled, split, and stacked. The load I brought in yesterday finished the job nicely with a bit to spare. To celebrate, I walked directly to the hammock and looked up at the clouds racing through the lovely tracery of tree branches above my head.

After a short rest (something just didn’t feel right about just lying there) I got up and we headed to Karvakko’s, where we bought ice cream, whipped topping, and potato chips, covering most of the basic food groups. At home I celebrated the end of the firewood project by making myself a mongo banana split and watching a TED. “Summertime, and the living is easy.” I spent a couple of hours putting tools away, raking the yard, hauling chainsaw chips onto the blueberries, etc etc. Things are back to being in good shape, and I’m ready to roll up my sleeves for the next project.

resting.jpgTomorrow Alice is going to work, and Franco and I plan to make the trip to Copper Harbor to do some work in the pines. There are two student groups that have expressed interest in doing some trail work this fall, and I have to get organized so I’ll be able to keep them busy. I know these things can fall apart at the last minute too, but the prep work I’ll be doing will always be helpful, even if the projects carry forward to other years. We plan to spend some serious time just looking up at the trees tomorrow.

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