Firewood Pallet – Version 1.0


Version 2.0 in the planning stages, and will see construction in the next few days.

The powerline right-of-way widening project has netted us a lot of logs, and my idea was to use some of the logs to make lumber, from which I’d build pallets to store the firewood until needed. That way I could move it out of the way until I wanted to use it, and then move it back relatively easily. It sounded simple like so many things.

I came up with what I think was a pretty good first firewood pallet attempt. Once it was filled with firewood and covered with a piece of a discarded greenhouse cover, it was time to move it. I didn’t have any idea how heavy this much green hardwood would be, and whether the dozer could even lift it. I started it up, engaged the forks, and up it came. So far so good. Next I drove the dozer forward a bit. Everything was still a go. I moved it out into the road, in an attempt to move the pallet to the back field where I planned to store it. I got about 50 feet before one side of the pallet wall gave way, spilling firewood all over the road.

I backed off the road, tossed the scattered firewood off the road (no traffic was impacted during this time.) Then I calmly came inside, did a google search on “firewood pallet,” and printed out my favorite design. This I attached to the metal door of my shop, where I’ve been looking at it for the past couple of days.

Stay tuned for firewood pallet – version 2.0

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