Dog Hazard

coon2I saw my neighbor out walking along our road this morning, and among other information we swapped, he told me he had just seen a porcupine. Franco has met up with one of these guys before with some pretty bad results, but it was long enough ago that I wasn’t sure the lesson had been learned, so I was on the lookout.

On our usual walk after supper, my radar was still alert. Porcupines move pretty slowly, so one seen this morning could well still be in the neighborhood. We were close to home when Franco darted into the woods ahead of me. I quickly called him to me, and, being the good boy he is, he came. I looked up in tree near the place Franco was interested, and saw a dark blob shaped thing, and congratulated myself that I’d found the porcupine.

coon1Well not exactly. As I looked up into the tree, I felt like I was being looked over at the same time. Then I saw this little raccoon just a few feet from me, staring intently at me. As I stepped back and took a better look, I saw four of them, all frozen in the position they were in when we came into their view. They happened to be in a chokecherry tree, and the chokecherries were ripe. Franco and I wished them bon appetit, and continued our walk.

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