The Pepper Taster

Last year’s jalapeno peppers were pretty mild. And we got a lot of them. We used most of them up because it took a lot in order to pepper things up appropriately. This year’s garden is way behind because of the late start. Last night I noticed some reasonably decent sized jalapenos on one of the plants, and on a whim picked one and absent-mindedly began taking bites out of it as I walked along.

The first nibble or two had the expected mild flavor. Perhaps I got cocky. I took a bit bigger bite the next time, thinking I’d just get this wimpy thing out of my hands and into my stomach. That bite must have encountered some seeds, because it was HOT.

“I’m tough,” I thought to myself, and took another bite. It was really hot. I was heading towards the house by this time, and became nostalgic for the garden hose. I picked up my pace while the inside of my mouth was expressing its displeasure. The garden hose is black rubber, and the water is normally pretty hot when the hose is sitting out in the sun all day. Once I got the water running, I figured I’d let it run so it could cool off. Two seconds later, I said the heck with it and swallowed a lot of water.

I’ve heard that water doesn’t counteract the effects of hot peppers. This water sure helped me somehow, though. Perhaps it was physiological, but I calmed down a lot as I walked inside the house. I think I’ll be a little more scientific about my next taste of garden peppers.

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