Spaghetti Stick

stickFranco spends a large part of his outside time carrying sticks. He frequently misplaces them and isn’t fussy about a replacement. Any chunk of wood he can find will do. Occasionally, a stick will last him all day. What with the stick being thrown by an obliging human, caught and chewed by himself, the sticks do tend to take a beating.

Today’s stick deserved a picture I thought. About all that was left was a strand that was about the thickness of spaghetti. As you can see in the picture, Franco is watching events closely in case that stick is tossed. I think small sticks must smell less than larger ones, because he prefers to see where they land to make his hunting job easier. I think he also appreciates the fact that I can’t throw these tiny sticks very far, making the fetch to effort ratio very favorable.

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