Since I don’t drink the wine I make, I rely on my in-house wine critics. As I recall, the verdict on last year’s chokecherry went something like this:

A cheeky yet brooding dark wine that was somewhat of a surprise from this unknown vineyard. The fragrance suggested a fine manchego cheese smoked over a dark hazelnut shell fire. But the flavor! At once subdued yet vibrant. The shame was in the bottom of the bottle, when no more could be drunk. I kept the cork in the freezer and took it out for a sniff once a month just to remind me…

No, that wasn’t the one. I think I must have read that one online in one of those list thingys; you know, like the top 10 most ridiculous paragraphs of all time. The actual verdict went something more like this:

It tasted like cough syrup.

OK, I can take it. You win some you lose some. Would you say some of the tastiest cough syrup you’ve ever drunk, or on the other end of the scale?

Anyway, undaunted, I picked a batch of the nicest chokecherries I can ever remember today, and processed them into a new batch of chokecherry wine. We’ll know in about a year how this one turns out. Just in case the worst happens, let me know if you feel a cough coming on, and I’ll send you a bottle.

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  1. Ryan says:

    If it makes you feel any better, the batch of beer we brewed today currently is floral enough to taste somewhat like (Mel’s words) “Old Lady Perfume”

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