onions.jpgI finally got the onions picked today. The sweet onions are in the foreground, and the cooking onions are in the background. After they dried in the sun most of the day, I tied them up in bundles with binder twine, and hung them in the shed to dry some more. Just before the frost, we’ll trim the roots and stems, put them in onion bags, and store them in our Michigan basement. We’ve had pretty good luck with storing our onions over the years. We usually have good onions until the next summer.

This year I put a label on each bundle. Other years we’ve been pretty sure we would be able to tell the sweets from the cooking onions, but when push came to shove, we sometimes couldn’t. It doesn’t matter so much if you cook with a sweet onion, but if you put a raw slab of cooking on your cheese sandwich, you are bound to make a face!

I had purchased a new bigger and more powerful bench grinder for my shop a while back. Today I finally got it out of the box and bolted down to my grinder pedestal. When I turned it on it vibrated so much that I decided something was wrong. The thing wanted to dance across the floor! It is hard to do a precision sharpening of a drill bit if you have to chase your grinder around the room. So I called Performax tech support, and they told me to return it to Menards. Unfortunately, I bought it at the Menards in Escanaba, 150 miles and 3+ hours each way. I called Menards and they said I could return it to the one in Marquette if I wanted to, so I think I’ll do that.

The other night I was doing my after supper hike, and a friend of mine stopped to chat. He happened to be there with his brother, who I had never met. They are both around my age. Both were overweight and both smoked. The brother had a nasal canula and was breathing oxygen. Clearly both had lived hard lives, and in their late 50s, looked like hell, to be blunt. It got me to thinking about the gift of life, and how important maintenance is. None of it is rocket science. Eat right, stay positive, and exercise. Avoid addictive drugs, and get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. For some reason, it is hard to be consistent with these simple principles. For my two friends I met on the road, it is probably too late to make any meaningful changes, but if you are reading this and are young, give the simple principles above some thought. The dividends won’t pay off right away, but the thing to think about is what do you want your life to be like in your 50s, 60s, etc?

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