onionsWe’ve had a couple of hard frosts during the past few nights. The potato plants suffered, but the onions seemed indifferent to the whole thing. Interestingly, I decided to harvest the onions and leave the potatoes for a while.

I waited for a sunny day and pulled the onions. I’m always interested in this process. Some of them practically jump into my hand, and on examination, have only a few roots holding them upright. Some resist my efforts to pull them. I can usually tell when I need to excavate beneath them, although every year I do pull a few stems off accidentally.

aliceonionOnce I have a good bunch in my hands, I walk over to the lawn and line them up in the sun. About mid-day, I go out and flip them all end for end, so both sides get some sun and air. Once that part of the yard is in the shade, we grab the binder twine and tie them up in bundles. These are brought into our entry-way and hung up for a month or so to complete their drying. Once this part is done, they’re put in mesh bags and put in out basement for use all winter.

Coming up soon (I hope): the potato harvest.

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