Wood Sandwich

We had a nice rain last night. It was also rainy on and off until mid-afternoon. We really needed the moisture. I’ve neglected watering the greenhouse garden for a few days now, so today I got my trusty 5 gallon pails out and watered everything. It was easier today because the sweet onions were already harvested. We have a bunch of red tomatoes again, which I hope to pick and process tomorrow.

clamps.jpgI did get out in my workshop today and made a component for the replacement wing for the Avion Truck Camper I’m working on. This is a 3 1/2″ wide by 1″ thick structural beam. When it is done it will have a 45 degree cut on it, and it will run the length of the overhang of the camper on the left side. I still need to make a similar one 1 1/2″ wide about 8′ long for the other side of the wing. Quarter inch plywood will hold the whole thing together, and 1″ Styrofoam will go in the spaces for insulation. Hopefully more pictures of this rebuild will follow in the next few days.

Our after-supper walk with the backpack and 50# of sand went well tonight. I feel like I’m getting stronger. I’ve been conditioning now for about 6 months, so should be in pretty good shape. I’ll need it all when the hike starts in mid-October.

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