Rotten Rack

Some years ago, I built a pretty heavy duty rack for stacking logs. This rack is positioned next to the sawmill, and with the correct short pieces of wood for bridges, I can easily roll some pretty big logs onto the sawmill. It has worked out well for me until the other day.

I was moving a log onto the rack using a chain. The pretty good sized log was dangling in front of the dozer as I slowly drove up to the rack. There was a crunch and the rack shuttered. When I took a look, I saw that I had misjudged the distance between the dozer and the rack, and had wedged the log in the gap. I’d broken the rear support board, which is a 2×8.

rack2One nice thing about having a sawmill is it is pretty easy to make whatever lumber I need. So the first log of today, I made a replacement 2×8. It was a nice day, and it didn’t take me too long to remove the 6 long carriage bolts that were still holding the broken board onto the rack. When I removed the old board, what I found was not pretty.

The 3 vertical 2x4s that the 2×8 was bolted to were all rotten. That meant they needed to be replaced too. I quickly cut 3 replacements, and went to work replacing the rotten ones. The deeper I went into the project, the worse things became. This repair would not restore the rack, it would be a bandaid. The whole thing was in pretty rough shape.

rack1After about an hour of puttering, I had the new 2×8 installed. The diagonal braces that keep the whole thing from falling over were also in bad shape, so I scrounged some good ones, cut them to length, and installed them too.

Remind me to be more careful next time I approach the rack with the dozer.

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