First thing this morning I watered the greenhouse garden with buckets from the pond. I noticed lots of red tomatoes, so decided to pick them after the watering was finished. I got an almost full bag of them, some in better shape than others.

tomato1.jpgOnce inside I sorted them into two piles; one that could ripen for a while, and one that needed to be processed right away. The later group was chosen if they were very ripe, or had some sort of defect that would cause them to go downhill quickly. They were all washed, and I decided to use the ripe ones and dehydrate my first batch of tomatoes this season. I cored them and cut out all the bad spots. Then I blanched them for just a few minutes to remove the skins. I chose a sharp kitchen knife to slice each one and then placed them in the trays of the dehydrator. It is a slimy job, and one I don’t look forward to until I get into doing it. Once I get started, I enjoy seeing the trays of lovely fruit stack higher and higher. When the last one was finished, I plugged in the dehydrator and went outside. When I came in, the house smelled like heaven. There is nothing quite like fresh ripe tomatoes permeating every room of the house.

I did get out to the garage today and pulled the clamps off two more pieces of the camper. I have a few more to make, but I’m close enough that I can start fabricating the left wing as soon as tomorrow. It will be great to get it back to being structurally sound again. There is so much more to do with the camper that I hardly know where to go to next, but I’ll just try to keep my head into this project and tick off a project every now and then.

I spent several hours today doing bookwork for two of the groups I volunteer for. I’m endorsing the checks for the fire department fundraiser and keeping track with a spreadsheet. I’m also the treasurer for FOLK (Friends of the Land of Keweenaw) so I had this month’s donations to take care of. I was about half way through them all when Franco came up to me, placed his ball on my lap, and then just looked at me. “I’m bored,” he was saying. I could well understand that, so I saved my files and we went for a nice walk around the property. Animals are very wise if you take the time to listen to them.

Alice and I had a nice relaxing sit on the dock tonight after she came home from work. After that we made a leftover supper and watched some more of “Parrots of Telegraph Hill.” It is a real heartwarming story we are both enjoying. We should finish it tomorrow.

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