Winter Put-Aways

We’ve been busy the past several days getting the homestead ready for winter. Most of the produce is processed and put away. We got fewer tomatoes than we would have hoped, but when we emptied the dehydrator for the last time, we had a total of 1 1/2 gallons, which should take us most of the way through winter. These dehydrated tomatoes are so much better than the cardboard ones available in the stores.

We drove the motorhome to its winter home, pulled it in (an inch away from its neighbor!) gave it a pat, and said goodbye until spring. The compost tumbler was emptied, compost spread out strategically (someday I’d like to have all the compost I want,) and the winter cover was put on it. The greenhouse cover came off without mishap, was folded up and stored in the lawnmower shed.

Yesterday I unscrewed four of the six pipes that hold the big dock in place. This afternoon I got the other two out, and pulled the dock out of the pond with the pickup in 4wd low range creeper gear. It walked right out of there, and I smiled a big wide smile. I then moved the rowboat to the front pond to work on removing our watering dock. The closer I got to the dock, the harder it was raining, so we finally threw in the towel. I’m finding it harder to tough out the wet and cold… possibly because I no longer have to, since I’m retired.

There is still plenty to do outside, and I’ll keep chipping away until the snow lies deep enough to cover up what didn’t get done. It will be there for me next spring when the snow melts.

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